Handcrafted hats
for minds of freedom
Шляпы ручной работы Amor Fati
An accessory that is always in sight.
As such, it must be perfect.
Life always gives you a choice, whether to do what you love or what society finds generally accepted. It is a moment when you should listen to your heart and follow it.

Hats and their aesthetics are a way to express your individuality. It is also one of the steps you make to accomplish the desires of your heart.

Amor fati, unconditional love of fate, is what drives us and what we put into our hats.
— Alex Novikov, hatmaker & co-founder of Amor Fati
Each Amor Fati hat is the result of a creative process and manual labor.

We try to make each hat in a single copy or made in very limited quantities.

The price depends on the design, material, and additional accessories. Therefore, it differs from one product to another.

Our prices for standart models range from RUB 9,700 to RUB 15,000 (from €130 to €195 or from $150 to $220).

To find out the price of a particular hat, please contact us via WhatsApp or Instagram.

How to order & where to buy
You can make an individual order by selecting the model, color, size, and other details to your taste. Or choose a ready-made solution.

To do this, please contact our hatmaker via WhatsApp or Instagram. He will be your personal manager and advise you on all the stages of your order in detail and, if necessary, can help to choose the design.

We offer worldwide delivery for our handcrafted hats.
You can also buy our ready-to-wear hats at the showrooms in Moscow from the list below.

11.11 Store
+7 985 308-06-12
Moscow, Petrovsky Boulevard, 3/2
Open daily from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Secret Castle
+7 929 938-17-08
Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 5/3
-1 floor of the Domenico Castello Beauty Salon
BLCV Jeans Showroom
+7 499 390-22-58
Moscow, Dukhovskoy lane, 17, building 11, room 43
Weekdays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; weekend — from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm by appointment
Millinery Bar
+7 913 475-86-50
Novosibirsk, Uritskogo street, 6
Open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Do you have stock of your hats?

Each of the hats shown on Instagram and our website is made in a single copy.

If material is available, they can be dublicated in a different size/color.

We are trying to make each hat custom made and personalized.

It makes them unique piece of handcrafted art.
What materials do you use to make hats?
We make hats out of felt (100% wool) or velour (rabbit fur).

On the inside, they have a silk headband and viscose lining, since these materials are most natural and nice to the touch.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we do.

We send our handcrafted hats around the world. The shipping price is calculated separately for each delivery depending on the destination.
How do I store my hat? What should I do if it gets crumpled?
A smooth surface is the best place to store your hat on.

If the brim gets crumpled, it can be smoothened back with a steamer or a steam iron.

If your hat has completely lost its shape, don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to bring it back to life. It's free of charge :)
How do I measure my head size?
To do this, use a measuring tape.

It should pass through the middle of your forehead and the most prominent part of the back of your head. Just the way it's shown in the picture.
Can I wear a felt/velour hat in summer?
Yes, you can.

Since the hat is made of wool, it is comfortable to wear in any weather.

It works just as a wool suit that warms you up in winter and vents hot air away in summer.

Moreover, for the lining we use natural viscose clean of any synthetic inclusions. It is also good to wear in any season.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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